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I come from Latvia, currently 23 years old.

In my culture, the short/informal name for Marija is Masha so my family, friends and colleagues call me Masha. Feel free to do so.

I have graduated from Riga Ballet School in 2018 which gave me an essential dance base, strong technique and discipline. The only thing I lacked in ballet was diversity and freedom of expression so I continued my education in Rotterdam at Codarts University for the Arts (2018-2022).

I have worked in Latvian National Opera and Ballet Theater, Luzerner Theater and currently working with Holstebro Dansekompagni.

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When I dance I feel complete, I feel at home.

I've been dancing since I was three and I’ve always been interested in the manifestation of honesty and humaneness in movement. I admire genuineness and presence in any art form.

Technical, musical, open-minded, detailed and diverse dancer, very comfortable in improvisation and open to deep self-searching experiences through movement.

I believe in the power of silence, love and simplicity.

Most often I am a silent observer who collects the information, gets inspired by external and internal sources to later project those on stage in a most truthful, emotional and extraverted way. Stage is the safest space for me to open up fully.

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I am very much a morning person because I enjoy those quiet moments alone.

Besides dance, I like to draw, write poetry or any thoughts in a free form, do yoga and meditation, and occasionally play the piano. These activities perfectly fit my morning routine and nourish me as a constantly evolving artist.

As much as I'm in need of a feeling of Home, I love to travel and live in the moment, appreciating the gift of being alive.

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In the future, I would like to apply my lifelong gained knowledge about the body to therapeutic and healing practices.

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